Augment App

Product Design

Creating an innovative digital health application to inform, motivate and empower individuals on their journey to better health.




Senior Interaction Designer


I was involved in all aspects of the project—from researching and defining problems, to scoping the work, to executing on functional and visual design, to building prototypes, to working with the product manager and engineers, to reviewing and polishing the final product. The team included two fellow designers at Interactive Things, an external development company and a technical team, as well as the product manager on the client side.

While our project lead, was in charge of managing the project and negotiating the scope, I was the main person responsible for the design of the application itself and its adaptation for both platforms. I was also leading the rest of our team on the production level. An important aspect of my work was the creation of a high-fidelity prototype, as well as the compilation of the extensive digital styleguide.


Designing for outcomes

  • Biovotion's target audience is very broad and includes casual users, sports enthusiasts, as well as medical patients. By creating a tailored expierence across the application, we were able to satisfy their many different needs.
  • As part of an extensive rebranding effort, we ensured the visual alignement to the overall brand vision and helped establish a consistent visual language across all touchpoints.
  • By working closely with a team of experts from many different fields, as well as involving all key stakeholders throughout the project, we were able to establish a trustful relationship with our client and create a successful product.

Intuitive and actionable medical data

Augment helps people understand and act upon their medical data. Collected by «Everion», a wearable device capable of measuring a wide range of health parameters (e.g. heart rate, blood oxygenation, motion, etc.), Augment provides a high-level overview of a user’s health status and presents personalized objectives in the form of daily goals.

Day View: Individual activity goals viewed over the span of multiple days.

Insights across dimensions and time scales

To generate sustainable outcomes for better personal health, we visualize a user’s movement, exercise, relaxation and sleep on different time scales: daily, weekly, and monthly. These three views foster an understanding of a user’s current health status as well as the long term impact of habits and behaviors.

Last Week
Last Month

Designed to reach goals

Knowing which activity to invest your time and effort is key to achieving your objectives and potential. We designed a simple representation of a user’s daily activity agenda. Intuitive and immediate, the design blossoms throughout the day providing goals and recommendations that are unique to each user’s personal needs.

Day View: Individual activity goals viewed over the span of multiple days.

Visualization in motion

The design of the Augment application interface encourages the user to stay active and dynamic throughout the day. The fluid page transitions with subtle interactions mirror this goal by exciting the user with an energetic look and feel.

Day View to Timeline
Day to Week View
View Scrolling

Density without complexity

To promote positive behaviors, the Augment application enables users to identify and map decisions, as well as actions that are contributing to their health. This requires the study of many parameters in parallel. The timeline design allows detailed analysis without cognitive overload by combining all relevant information into one compact visualization.

Deep dive into data

The application measures data on four physical activities which contribute to the user’s overall health indicator. We designed dedicated views for each of these activities, allowing the user to drill-down into the data of each of these individually. The different views enable a self-directed analysis of statistical information and progression over time in addition to offering guided insights calculated by artificial intelligence.

Easy to scan, ready to explore

Measuring a wide range of parameters, the Augment application includes a comprehensive vital signs view, that provides the user with accurate insights. Each vital sign is represented as a card composed of real-time measurements, customizable time-series, and helpful statistics. By switching between a «Live» and «24h» view, the focus shifts from a summary overview to a detailed, exploratory visualization.

Design system

Our design was eventually implemented by an external engineering partner. To simplify the handover of the design specification and to ensure the quality of the implementation, we established a comprehensive design system. The system consists of a library of modular interface and visualization components, as well as clear guidelines for interaction and behavior patterns. We documented the Augment design system, using Catalog, our own tool for creating living style guides.